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We are a software house founded by long-time developers with lots of experience in serveral domains and technologies. We build our teams based on experience, openness, commitment, focus, and respect. We support our customers with vast knowledge and help in designing high quality software products.

It's easy to forget that software development is not only about writing code. As a technological partner we will design your products, develop your ideas, and solve your problems. We will help you prioritize your product features. All of this helps you maximize your income and minimize investment risk & cost.

We have experience in various areas:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Web (Frontend & Backend)
  • Desktop Apps

Mobile Apps

We develop mobile apps for both leading platforms: iOS and Android. We work with Swift, Kotlin, and Java.


We are able to craft multiple kinds of web applications. Our experience includes rich client apps (SPA), mobile APIs, and CMSes. We like JavaScript but we love TypeScript. We know React and Angular. We developed APIs and web apps using .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, and PHP. We have experience with cloud infrastructure: Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Desktop Apps

We develop Windows and macOS apps.

Thanks to wide variety of skills we are comfortable with development of software products of any kind.

Are you looking for a partner that will create a great product with you? Don't hesitate to message us.

Our Clients

Nephilim is one of our most trusted technological partners. They deliver and develop solutions across the whole stack. They always deliver on time, in great quality and we are always getting a lot of constructive suggestions on complex solutions from them. Over the past year we have, among other things, developed two native mobile apps and built strong business relationship at the same time. We feel safe having such skilful and trustworthy partner at hand.

– Mads, Head of Digital Development

Since its launch, the platform has onboarded over 300 customers and 5,000 workers. The team worked in a structured manner, participating in weekly meetings to go over challenges and figure out how to solve them. They never complained and had a "can do" mindset. The team was very proactive and came up with solutions to problems even before we addressed them.

– Frederik Hedelund, CEO

Join Us

We are continuously searching for developers who can join our company. We are searching for people who have cause-effect thinking skills and like to search for problem solutions.

We always work in teams. That's why we require from our developers courage, focus, commitment, respect and openness. This allows us to achieve better results and brings us more satisfaction from our work. Because we work in our office it's easier to quickly learn new skills from each other, discover and share new knowledge and cooperate during solving problems.

Below you can see what we require from our developers:


  • You have cause-and-effect thinking skills and you are able to find solutions to easy and medium problems.
  • You want to learn and develop your skills.
  • You know programming basics.
  • You know syntax of at least one programming language
  • You have heard about basic programming principles and design patterns and you can name them.
  • You have the courage to say that you don't know something.


  • You are well versed in at least one technology.
  • You are able to find solutions to hard problems.
  • You can create a project from scratch.
  • You know how to use programming principles and design patterns and you are able to describe them.
  • You know software development methodologies (SCRUM, Kanban, Waterfall, etc.).
  • You know how to use code versioning systems and have knowledge of gitflow.
  • You know how to use tools that support development and deployment process.


  • You have advanced knowledge of at least one technology.
  • You know how some parts of libraries are created, and in case that they are not available it's not a problem to create them on your own.
  • You can explain differences and similarities between different technologies on the level of theory and implementation.
  • You have perfect knowledge of programming principles and design patterns. You are able to teach and explain them to other developers.
  • You have excellent knowledge of software development processes.
  • You can execute the whole process of application development - from building a team, through development, to deployment and maintenance.


  • You are able to lead teams of developers.
  • You can develop skills of your colleagues.
  • You are able to show that you have greater knowledge about programming than us :)

We don't disclose salary information on our website - because it changes too much over time and depends on specific position. We can guarantee you that if you fulfill our requirements, we'll do our best to give you the salary you deserve.

If you love creating software. You have any experience in any technology. You want to learn and master your skills and you like teamwork. Nephilim is the place that you were searching for.

If you want to join us, send your CV to jobs@nephilim.software.


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